New Steampunk-esq Modpack Released!

Greetings fellow fans! I am happy to announce a new Modpack released today. This Modpack is called Ætereal Drive. It is a modpack that focuses on Technology and Character Enhancement.

“We are in a new age. It is the Dawn of a Revolution. A break-through in scientific development has caused an enhancement in human capability. Steam and Redstone Flux have been refined to perfection. A new breed of human has been birthed into this age. Alchemists and Scientists continue researching. More is desired. Technology has evolved to where entire houses can be made mobile at a whim. Steam Ships travel airborne cross continents. Computers have been outfitted to regulate Security Systems. Items can be stored on drives as bytes of data. Portals can be opened to connect operations. So much has changed. So much has advanced. But perhaps the one thing that has developed far beyond our expectation is Human Abilities. We have found a way to utilize Redstone Flux and Steam to enhance humans. We call this project, the Ætereal Drive.”

We invite you all to try it out. The huge and continued success of our Fairy Tail modpack is great. But we also know not everyone like Magic. So why not try your hand and Technology?

The Pack Is Available on Technic and Curse:

Technic Link

Curse Link