Pokémon Celebration!

Hello there! I am NSP_MissingNo and I work specifically on Halestorm’s Modpack team. And yes he is my boss, so getting to poke back at him was kinda fun. I won’t deny it.

But onto the issue at hand. This “invasion” that we planned (which took place on the Fairy Tail forums), and I say we because Hale had a hand in it of course, was the games you all partook in the week of April 10th. The website had code added to it to make the unknowns fly everywhere. Music code was added and taken off. Specific forums were designed etc. etc. One of you noticed the “theme” as you put it. Well you are correct; the theme was Pokemon. (obvious?)

Many of you know or may not know there was an announcement about Pokemon Sun and Moon on Saturday April 16. Many of you may or may not know Pokemon is celebrating its anniversary. Nerd Storm Production got into Development partly because of Pokemon. We loved the RPG aspect, we loved the retro style. Pokemon Red and Blue were some of the greatest games that inspired us back in the day (on the original GameBoy mind you)

So to celebrate alongside Pokemon we came up with this little invasion which leads into a bigger announcement.

Mind you as I said earlier I am on Halestorm’s modpack team (which is the only reason I was able to mess with the Fairy Tail site). So we are the team that put together Fairy Tail for you all. And we are the same team (minus Hale since he is busy with other Company things, and Fairy Tail server things, but he obviously played some role in it and gave insight) that is happy to present you with this:


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from us over at Nerd Storm Production!

Many of us will not be around for the Holidays. However, I will still be accessible in case of emergency. For all our Minecraft Fairy Tail fans, we may push out one more pack update before the end of the year to version 1.7.0.

For our other followers on different platforms, the new year will bring some exciting new changes that we look forward to released. One such change is exporting our games onto multiple mobile platforms in addition to PC! Exciting times are ahead!

Things do slow down for us around this time of year. However, we will pick back up after the ring in of the New Year. The New Year should bring tons of exciting events.

This year has been rewarding for us as a whole and we appreciate all our supporters and fans who make that possible. I am not one for long winded speeches so I leave you a simple message:

Enjoy the holidays! Have fun! Be thankful! See you in the New Year!

Website Coming Along Nicely

Currently the website is coming along very nicely. We are hand coding a lot of custom aspects into it. So look forward to some nifty little features. The website is meant as a platform for information. It will be the primary source of updates.

Website Updating in Progress

Well, I have some free time right now. So I am making various changes to the website. I also added in the blog plugin powered by WordPress. So now the website has a built in blog that will make it easier to track development. Next up is to try to hook the blog into the main site so that the “Most Recent Posts” will be auto-published to the website as well. Time to get my hands into the PhP.