Bright Future Update – Fairy Tail – Wooooow – 2.0.0

Bright Future Update – Fairy Tail – Wooooow – 2.0.0

This is the Fairy Tail – Wooooooow-Bright Future Update. This is a HUGE update that has a drastic effect on the Multiplayer Server. The Bright Future Update resets the entire Multiplayer Server as well as makes SIGNIFICANT changes to the Singleplayer Experience. It is HIGHLY suggested that if you enjoyed version 1.10.0, that you make a backup of your world and create a new profile for the 2.0.0 update. A list of changes is below.

Welcome Fans to a new and refreshed Bright Future of the Fairy Tail Experience.

– Removed Hard Core Questing
– Removed The Erebus
– Removed Draconic Evolution
– Removed Archimedes Ships
– Removed Bradon’s Core
– Removed More Swords Mod

– Updated AbyssalCraft
– Updated ArmourersWorkshop
– Updated Biomes O Plenty
– Updated Carpenter’s Blocks
– Updated CoFHCore
– Updated CraftTweaker
– Updated EnderCore
– Updated FastCraft
– Updated Forbidden Magic
– Updated Forestry
– Updated ItemBlackList
– Updated Jabba
– Updated ModTweaker
– Updated NotEnoughItems
– Updated Railcraft

– Added Ancient Warfare
– Added MystCraft
– Added MystCraft NEI Plugin
– Added SpACore

– Removed BetonQuest
– Removed LogFilter
– Removed McCombat Level
– Removed MCCore
– Removed McMMO
– Removed McMMO-WorldGuard
– Removed MythicDrops
– Removed MythicMobs
– Removed Quests
– Removed Warptastic

– Added EasyWarp
– Added Brewary
– ReEnabled Entagle Spell

The Update is Live on Technic and Curse. Please update accordingly.