Fairy Tail – Zero Arc – Released!

The Fairy Tail – Zerø Arc is the successor to Fairy Tail – Wooooow. The popular Fairy Tail – Wooooow modpack located here:


has been downloaded over 250,000K times combined between the Technic Launcher and here at Curse. That’s not counting all the downloads it received via the FTB launcher. However, that pack is rather out-dated and still operating on 1.7.10 Minecraft. So it was time for an upgrade. Enter Zerø Arc.

The modpack keeps the same design tactic as the original. Even if you are not a fan of the Anime, this pack encompases a neutral feel so that players can still enjoy a Magic/Fantasy environment. Your standard “staple” technology mods are not in this pack because once again it caters to the Magical feel. However, for those who like to play with technology this pack does house Immersive Engineering and a small number of others, like RFDimensions to truely design your own worlds, which can be combined with some of the magic mods to create some very interesting creations.

As mentioned above, this modpack was designed with the same concept in mind as its predecessor. However, it is on the updated foundation of Minecraft 1.11.2. The Zerø arc, in the anime, chronologically took place before the Fairy Tail Anime series. That concept was not skipped over in the design of this pack. For many people on the Official Fairy Tail Server or on Single Player who have progress saved, this is your Zerø, this is a step back from all the progress you’ve made a chance to explore new mods (like Astral Sorcery, and Embers) have new adventures, and have a new fresh experience on an updated Minecraft. Naturally, the original pack isn’t going anywhere. As I said this pack is the successor, not a replacement.

So come join on a new adventure, with new mods, new quests, and new experiences. This modpack will also contain one of my own newer mods, Mystic Divination.

Protocol Alpha – Travel to the Stars and Beyond

Many, many centuries ago, there existed a society of beings. Their races multitude, the great Collective, as they’ve been come to be known as, ruled benevolently over the known cosmos for eons, dating back into prehistory. They succeeded where others failed, building a great solar empire that stretched across the span of dozens of galaxies.
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Bright Future Update – Fairy Tail – Wooooow – 2.0.0

Bright Future Update – Fairy Tail – Wooooow – 2.0.0

This is the Fairy Tail – Wooooooow-Bright Future Update. This is a HUGE update that has a drastic effect on the Multiplayer Server. The Bright Future Update resets the entire Multiplayer Server as well as makes SIGNIFICANT changes to the Singleplayer Experience. It is HIGHLY suggested that if you enjoyed version 1.10.0, that you make a backup of your world and create a new profile for the 2.0.0 update. A list of changes is below.

Welcome Fans to a new and refreshed Bright Future of the Fairy Tail Experience.

– Removed Hard Core Questing
– Removed The Erebus
– Removed Draconic Evolution
– Removed Archimedes Ships
– Removed Bradon’s Core
– Removed More Swords Mod

– Updated AbyssalCraft
– Updated ArmourersWorkshop
– Updated Biomes O Plenty
– Updated Carpenter’s Blocks
– Updated CoFHCore
– Updated CraftTweaker
– Updated EnderCore
– Updated FastCraft
– Updated Forbidden Magic
– Updated Forestry
– Updated ItemBlackList
– Updated Jabba
– Updated ModTweaker
– Updated NotEnoughItems
– Updated Railcraft

– Added Ancient Warfare
– Added MystCraft
– Added MystCraft NEI Plugin
– Added SpACore

– Removed BetonQuest
– Removed LogFilter
– Removed McCombat Level
– Removed MCCore
– Removed McMMO
– Removed McMMO-WorldGuard
– Removed MythicDrops
– Removed MythicMobs
– Removed Quests
– Removed Warptastic

– Added EasyWarp
– Added Brewary
– ReEnabled Entagle Spell

The Update is Live on Technic and Curse. Please update accordingly.

Pokémon Celebration!

Hello there! I am NSP_MissingNo and I work specifically on Halestorm’s Modpack team. And yes he is my boss, so getting to poke back at him was kinda fun. I won’t deny it.

But onto the issue at hand. This “invasion” that we planned (which took place on the Fairy Tail forums), and I say we because Hale had a hand in it of course, was the games you all partook in the week of April 10th. The website had code added to it to make the unknowns fly everywhere. Music code was added and taken off. Specific forums were designed etc. etc. One of you noticed the “theme” as you put it. Well you are correct; the theme was Pokemon. (obvious?)

Many of you know or may not know there was an announcement about Pokemon Sun and Moon on Saturday April 16. Many of you may or may not know Pokemon is celebrating its anniversary. Nerd Storm Production got into Development partly because of Pokemon. We loved the RPG aspect, we loved the retro style. Pokemon Red and Blue were some of the greatest games that inspired us back in the day (on the original GameBoy mind you)

So to celebrate alongside Pokemon we came up with this little invasion which leads into a bigger announcement.

Mind you as I said earlier I am on Halestorm’s modpack team (which is the only reason I was able to mess with the Fairy Tail site). So we are the team that put together Fairy Tail for you all. And we are the same team (minus Hale since he is busy with other Company things, and Fairy Tail server things, but he obviously played some role in it and gave insight) that is happy to present you with this:


New Steampunk-esq Modpack Released!

Greetings fellow fans! I am happy to announce a new Modpack released today. This Modpack is called Ætereal Drive. It is a modpack that focuses on Technology and Character Enhancement.

“We are in a new age. It is the Dawn of a Revolution. A break-through in scientific development has caused an enhancement in human capability. Steam and Redstone Flux have been refined to perfection. A new breed of human has been birthed into this age. Alchemists and Scientists continue researching. More is desired. Technology has evolved to where entire houses can be made mobile at a whim. Steam Ships travel airborne cross continents. Computers have been outfitted to regulate Security Systems. Items can be stored on drives as bytes of data. Portals can be opened to connect operations. So much has changed. So much has advanced. But perhaps the one thing that has developed far beyond our expectation is Human Abilities. We have found a way to utilize Redstone Flux and Steam to enhance humans. We call this project, the Ætereal Drive.”

We invite you all to try it out. The huge and continued success of our Fairy Tail modpack is great. But we also know not everyone like Magic. So why not try your hand and Technology?

The Pack Is Available on Technic and Curse:

Technic Link

Curse Link

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from us over at Nerd Storm Production!

Many of us will not be around for the Holidays. However, I will still be accessible in case of emergency. For all our Minecraft Fairy Tail fans, we may push out one more pack update before the end of the year to version 1.7.0.

For our other followers on different platforms, the new year will bring some exciting new changes that we look forward to released. One such change is exporting our games onto multiple mobile platforms in addition to PC! Exciting times are ahead!

Things do slow down for us around this time of year. However, we will pick back up after the ring in of the New Year. The New Year should bring tons of exciting events.

This year has been rewarding for us as a whole and we appreciate all our supporters and fans who make that possible. I am not one for long winded speeches so I leave you a simple message:

Enjoy the holidays! Have fun! Be thankful! See you in the New Year!

New Anime Themed Modpack

Fairy Tail is a hit anime series still going on. It is an anime that foucses on magic, wizards, dragons, and all that good stuff. This modpack was desinged to put that all into Minecraft. I am a HUGE anime fan and I love doing things like this. This was a little side-project I decided to piece together. I am well aware of all the other Anime packs out there however, every modpack author adds their own flair into something.

This modpack specifically is going to be used for a Fairy Tail SMP server. There will be PvP, there will be Guilds, there will be quests, etc. The server will be more of an RPG as opposed to a SMP. Although survival of course will still be required. The server will replicate Fiore, the land in which Fairy Tail takes place. Here is a sneak peek of the video.


I have Opted against uploading this to YouTube because I am sure it will get flagged for copyright. But as you can see it will be a wonderful expereince. I would love some feedback and am more than happy to answer questions.

Until then feel free to enjoy Single Player with this pack and stay tuned for the release of the server.

Magical Divination

The 1.7.10 Magical Divination Modpack is now live. This modpack focuses on Adventure and Exploration. There is no technology in this modpack. Only Magic.

Magical Divination is a non-tech modpack. It focuses strictly on Adventure and Magic. There are a variety of changes made to the actual mechanics of Minecraft that make this pack quite the challenge. This pack is NOT for the feint of heart. This pack is for those that thirst for adventure and exploration.

Magical Divination offers a questing system as well as enhanced NPC Villages. The Modpack also contains a variety of terrain generation mods that will reward your exploration with various dungeons and towers that contain look. The modpack has been configured to allow loot from these special chests to contain some otherwise unobtainable items.

Magical Divination also contains a survival system. You must maintain your health and be careful while traveling in darkness. There is no telling what terrible creatures lurk in the night. Players will also come across events that create can and will create an even larger challenge.

Do you have what it takes to embark on this epic adventure of Magic and Exploration? Do you think you can survive the creatures of the night? Try for yourself and see.

But wait ther’s more….Magical Divination is completely compatible with SMP.  So perhaps you want to embark on an adventure with some friends.

New Free Title – Under Development

We are currently Developing a new game that we plan to release as a freebie. We at Nerd Storm want to provide quality over quantity. So whether a game is free or commercial the quality will not diminish.

Tabula Rasa (as it is currently named) is a project being developed alongside Midnight Rising. It offers a very unique twist to the customary Turn Based RPG System. It will use a Card Based System which will bring for interesting customization to your playstyle.

Feel free to keep an eye out as updates will be made periodically. As with Midnight Rising, just because you don’t see a post does not mean that development has halted. It simply means we are hard at work on production and nothing drastic has come about noteworthy of a post.  I assure you, if something does come up though we will make a post here.

Stay Tuned for various screenshots and video snippets of Tabula Rasa which will be posted in time.